Sorry for real

Happy birthday ! I know today is you’re birthday and I am supposed to give you a gift but instead I’m being selfish and I want to ask you for this gift and I’d be more than happy if you would give it to me the gift I’m asking for is you’re forgiveness not only on my selfishness but on everything . So will you forgive me ? I know we no longer are friends but lets not be enemies . I don’t blame it all on myself because you have had a part in it too . The point is you grow up to be stronger and wiser and I’m asking to use what you have gained and make a decision ; will you forgive me ?
2014-August-28 5lo0odcute ? I can’t hate for the rest of my life and I don’t think you can

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I will just keep rebloging this

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Philadelphia - 8/13

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What if everyone’s parents start getting tumblr like they did with Facebook


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Shailene Woodley’s acceptance speech at the TCA 2014 Awards for “Best Action/Adventure Actress”
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drunk in love, I want you

drunk in love, I want you

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Let’s go crazy together

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